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Maremaid, A Pony's Tale

Stacy's Journey

Visited 'Powell's Books' the worlds largest Independent Book store while in Portland Oregon for the Benjamin Franklin Awards... A wonderland of books, the staircase alone was inspirational!

I started painting with watercolors twenty-five years ago as a way to supplement my income while working in the restaurant industry.  I painted a lot of fruit and flowers to say the least!
It satisfied my artist's heart for a while until I dreamt one night about a coin-operated pony ride abandoned at the end of a decayed old pier.  A story simmered within me for almost a decade until I finally thought what the title should be, thus setting the wheels in motion to finally write and illustrated that far off dream.  I released my first children's book, "Maremaid: A Pony's Tale" in 2000.  My very simple first book was warmly received at the UCLA festival of books in 2000 and soon after I  held my first book signing at a local Barns & Noble and my dream of becoming an author/illustrator came true.

Soon after, I went back to painting, only this time with oils, discovering a whole new world of painting.  I tried everything, abstract, realism, cubism, portraits, and a lot of still-life.  An array of styles covered my canvases for another ten years, until one day my tiny Yorkshire terrier sparked an idea for my first novella.  One year later I completed “Yorkshire Pudding.”  A short story, set in the 1960s about a mother and her young daughter who sell puppies they breed to the broken hearted.  Hook?  The new owners quickly find out their loved ones who have passed on, have come back to them in the form of an adorable Yorkshire terrier.  Something tells me one day, it will be on the big screen and kleenex will be required :)
Having ignored all the stories stored in my heart for far too long, I pulled out my watercolors and ink pens once again and got busy catching up on what I was meant to be doing all along…writing and illustrating children’s books!
Over the past few years I’ve written and illustrated several children's books, “Jairo, The Leatherback Hero will be my 6th.

As for what’s next?  I’ve already drafted and sketched out my next book,  honoring the same eco-conservation awareness message as I did with “Jairo The Leatherback Hero.” I believe it is important to educate the future small heroes of our blue planet. It is crucial to our survival.  This time I address climate change and global warming through the eyes of a Siberian Husky and her owner, a small Inuit girl living in the Arctic circle.  Launching next fall 2017!


A special "Thank You!" to Mike Bowman for his design skills and graphics knowledge that has contributed to the success of all of my childrens books especially "Jairo, The Leatherback Hero" for winning the National IBPA Benjamin Franklin Silver Medal Award!