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While in Portland for the Benjamin Franklin Awards, I visited the Alberta Art District in Portlandia! Beautiful murals and graffiti art splash the sides of establisments in this ecclectic neighborhood!

My Florida, Treasure Coast Book Tour, Summer 2016

My Recent Commission Piece

Last summer, I was commissioned to create an oil painting for a couple originally from Michigan, where the season of autumn still lingers in their minds eye.  They wanted a forest of trees, of some kind, with rich colored leaves, something to remind them of home.  I decided to choose Birch trees which are my personal favorite, with the white paper-like bark and contrasting black knots.  A forest of birch trees at night I thought, with a sweeping pathway.

So began my journey, into my imagination and onto the canvas.  A pathway to heaven within a whimsical forest of birch trees, with moonlight, moon beams, wild autumn sage, and rich autumn colored leaves.   A feeling of transcendence is how it made me feel as it took on such depth…. It was a daunting task as its scale was quite large engulfing me in the most wonderful way I never expected… I became lost in its evolution blissfully for seven months and hundreds of hours.  The nirvana I created, my first real masterpiece, now resides happily ever after, in its new home in London England...


L.A. Times Festival of Books

Spring 2013, was my second time as an exhibitor at The L.A.Times Festival of Books event in Los Angeles.  More than a decade had passed since “Maremaid, A Pony’s Tale” was showcased at UCLA’s festival.  My very simple story that carries a meaningful message, seemed to steal the hearts of a lot of children those two days including a group of executives from Barns & Noble, which is why, I brought it along and displayed it with my five others books at USC’s festival.  Much to my surprise it was "Maremaid" that was still a favorite among the little girls, especially one young lady…

She approached my booth holding tight a copy of “Maremaid."  Smiling broadly she stood before me and slowly opened the book and pointed.  A personal message and my signature was already written inside.  She saw my expression as I was confused as she was a grown woman.

She then proceeded to explain to me that she was seven years old when I signed her copy of "Maremaid" back in 2000 at UCLA.  She found out I was exhibiting again and wanted to come see me, to tell me, she was now 21 and "Maremaid is still one of her very favorite children's books."  Every children’s book authors dream moment!  That experience will forever hold dear in my heart, and makes what I love to do, even more special.