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Hobart Goes Fly Fishing

Yorkshire Pudding

Lil Bug



Maremaid, A Pony's Tale

My Favorite Things...

Creative Cooking

Cooking is my second favorite way to express myself. I can spend hours in the kitchen experimenting and making up recipes. I consider a “plate” to be very much like a canvas. The creations first simmer in my mind, ingredients, textures, flavors, color and composition all come together and then I design on the plate! The presentation of the meal is one of the most important parts of the gastronomic experience. The visual, then the nose and palette come after. The idea for my non-recipe cookbook “Out of My Mind with Cooking!” evolved from how I cook. I open my fridge, pantry or spice cabinet and mentally put everything together. No cook book, recipe or measuring of any kind. Mistakes are fine and usually turn out to taste the best! It's hard to create anything bad when you put your mind to it!


Catching some dungeness crab outside the San Francisco bay!

The dinner bell is ringing!

Crab Cakes on the way!


On My Walks

Walking is my form of meditation. Being an Author/Artist, I spend a lot of time alone in my art studio, so my outdoor time is essential to my soul. I live in a beautiful area, slightly inland from the beach where the fog and salt air sweeps into my neighbor early mornings then later burns off to hyacinth blue skies. Everything I see on my walks are inspirations to my creative process.

"If you take a flower in your hand and really look at it, it's your world for a moment" -Georgia O'Keeffe

In My Own Backyard

Another place Ive found inspiration to create is my own backyard. Over the years I've spent a lot of time creating an environment that is organic and rustic. Everything I used to create the Tuscan vibe was repurposed and recycled. Bricks, stones, pebbles, wrought iron, and garden knick-knacks, were all put to good use to create something beautiful. The birds and the bees, rabbits and squirrels all call this home too as they delightfully add to the whimsical feel. Creating a sustainable kitchen garden is not only satisfying to eat, but gorgeous to look at. Our garden gives us a reason to stay home and cook. It’s calming to gather its offerings while smelling the fragrant lavender, oregano, thyme and orange blossoms.

My story “Lil Bug” is about an outcast little white lady bug. It was inspired by this garden as it hosts an array of insect characters.

My dogs

My adopted “dog family” have been very inspiring with my story telling.   My Yorkshire terrier, was the inspiration for my short story "Yorkshire Pudding” and my Chihuahua with her quirky looks and feisty personality helped me create “Mio.” To rescue or adopt a poor dog who desperately needs a home and love, has been by far the greatest gift of unconditional love I have given to myself :)


Hummingbirds fascinate me!  They are indeed one of the most amazing creatures on earth.  I sometimes write and paint at my kitchen table that looks out onto a fountain.  All sorts of beautiful birds flock to this fountain and spar for a dip, but it’s the hummingbird who seems to have all the moxie.  Their agility always gives me goosebumps as do their intense presence.  No other bird on the planet has its ability or its aura of sprit.  My story “Willowby” was inspired by a feisty little hummingbird who has lived on our porch in a ficus tree for the past 5 years.  I’ve read they can live up to 10 years or more if they find the perfect environment… Lucky me :)