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Jairo, The Leatherback Hero

Hobart Goes Fly Fishing

Yorkshire Pudding

Lil Bug



Maremaid, A Pony's Tale

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"Jairo, The Leatherback Hero

A young curious Costa Rican boy named “Jairo” witnesses poachers robbing a sea turtle nest from the beautiful sheltered cove where he lives. An encounter with an old wise leatherback sea turtle named “Traveler” tells him of the many environmental hazards and obstacles caused by humans he had to overcome during his long lifetime at sea. On his journey, Jairo learns a heartfelt conservational lesson and pledges to the old wise turtle to bring awareness to his villagers as to why the leatherback species is severely endangered to the point of extinction, and must be respected and protected.

"Hobart Goes Fly Fishing"

Hobart is an ambitious dragosaur once he sets his mind on something, like sailing a boat across the sea in hopes of catching some fish. Hobart’s fishing trip turns out to be quite an unexpected adventure, when he crosses paths with a few very interesting fish... And not the kind he expected to catch for lunch!



"Yorkshire Pudding: Love is a Destination"

A whimsical novella fiction set in the 1960's about a mother and daughter who breed and sell very unusual puppies to the broken hearted. Love, the hereafter and a dash of serendipity proves to be the recipe for feeding ones soul.



"Lil Bug"

The odds are against a little white lady bug named "Lil" who is shunned since birth because she simply looked different. Lil soon discovers just how different she really is when she sets out to find acceptance in the very colorful flower garden next door. "Lil Bug" is a sweet story about diversity and how a little perseverance can go a long way, and how next time you see someone who looks a little different, remember to "never judge a book by its cover".




Stacy Erin Myers creates the life lesson of "Purpose" in a most endearing way... With the story of "Mio?" An adorably odd little pound puppy waiting for a new home and a chance to prove she's more than what she looks like. Using vibrant watercolor illustrations to capture the humor, and feeling of Mio's predicament, as well as fun interaction for the reader, Mio’s story unfolds in a rather heartfelt way.




A little bird named “Willowby” finds courage from a few simple words a hummingbird once told her; ”Where there’s a will, there must be a way!” Willowby needs to find the perfect water and location to build her mud nest. Her frustration grows with her search,  especially when she meets one very large obstacle who challenges Willowby’s determination!


"Maremaid: A Pony's Tale"

If you had only one chance to wish on a falling star, how many wishes would you make?

Thats Derbie's dilemma...

She's a little plastic pony ride who needs a few wishes to become a real pony and live happily ever after on the island across the bay.